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GLOBE International has initiated THE MOMENT - the first-ever nationwide opportunity for children and young people to discuss the climate emergency directly with their elected representatives across Scotland. Held in partnership with Scotland's Children Parliament and Youth Parliament, The Moment will take place with MSPs, MPs and local Councillors across Scotland on Friday 29 October 2021.



The Moment builds on GLOBE's successful introduction of the unique Student-MP Climate Surgeries across London as part of the annual London Climate Action Week since 2019. A special COP26-themed version of the Student-MP Climate Surgery is taking place across London on Friday 22 October with MPs including Stephen Timms MP and Marsha de Cordova MP, and young people from schools such as Harris Westminster Sixth Form.

The Moment takes this exercise in democratic citizenship and climate engagement by young people and their elected representatives to a national level to coincide with the UK hosting the UN Climate Summit COP26 in Scotland in November 2021. The outcomes from The Moment will be shared with the world's legislators by Scottish children and young people themselves at the start of GLOBE International's GLOBE COP26 Legislators Summit, the largest gathering of parliamentarians at COP26 at the Scottish Parliament on Friday 5th November 2021.



The Moment will take place on Friday 29th October 2021 across Scotland. On this day, we are encouraging children and young people to meet with their elected representatives across Scotland to share their views about the climate emergency, and their ideas about what should be done to tackle this in Scotland. Children and young people care deeply about the climate emergency. The climate emergency is an intergenerational human rights crisis. A world safe from climate disasters, where children and young people can live freely and without worry, is integral to their human rights. This will be the first-ever nationwide opportunity for children and young people to meet each Scottish MP, MSP and local Councillor.

With 41 calls to action from children as part of Scotland's Climate Assembly's report, and calls for action in SYP’s From Scotland’s Young People manifesto, there is clear drive and passion from children and young people to talk to political decision makers. Children’s Parliament and SYP are supporting this by providing bespoke resources (Climate Change Makers and SYP - The Moment) to help inspire children and young people across Scotland to set up a meeting with their local decision makers.



MSPs, MPs and Councillors do not have to wait for children and young people to contact them. If you would like to take part in The Moment on Friday 29th October, we would encourage you to contact a school or youth group in your constituency to arrange a meeting to hear children and young people’s views, or to invite children and young people to attend your regular surgery to discuss this important issue.

You can also make contact with the Members of the Scottish Youth Parliament (MSYPs) who represent young people in your constituency, either directly or by emailing With decades of experience of engaging with and inspiring children and young people to share their views with influencers and decision makers, Children’s Parliament and SYP have published guidance on how to get the best out of meeting young constituents. GLOBE International has also produced guidance with the Climate Psychology Alliance on mental health and effective climate communication with children, which you may wish to refer to.

The highlights of The Moment will be shared with global legislators at the opening session of the GLOBE COP26 Legislators Summit on Friday 5th November morning at the Scottish Parliament by the children and young people in attendance.



If you took part in The Moment, THANK YOU and we would love to hear from you and find out how it went. Please contact us and share your experience at <>

We look forward to working with you to support young people's political understanding and informed participation on issues that matter most to them.


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