This series of five weekly webinars, held in partnership with E3G and World Resources Institute, will unpack what is on the agenda for the UN Climate Summit in Glasgow and address implications for legislators. It will provide updates and intelligence from leading experts on the climate negotiations and relevant processes such as the G20.

The five sessions will be held on Tuesdays from 12:30-1:30pm GMT+1 London time.



Session 1 - Tuesday 19 October: What is 'The Glasgow Package'? Everything you wanted to know about what's on at COP26 unpacked.

Session 2 - Tuesday 26 October: Unlocking Climate Finance: What's now on the table & will it be enough to secure a deal?

Session 3 - Tuesday 2 November: COP26 has started. A Briefing from the Climate Summit in Glasgow

Session 4 - Tuesday 9 November: Week 2 is underway. What are the latest developments and what can we expect? Briefing from the Climate Summit in Glasgow

Session 5 - Tuesday 23 November: COP26 has come to an end. What is in the Glasgow Accord? Initial reflections on the conclusions of COP26 and implications for legislative agendas globally