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GLOBE International will be active at COP26, the major summit of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), hosted by the United Kingdom in partnership with Italy, in Glasgow, Scotland (31 October to 12 November 2021). GLOBE will be engaged in four principal ways highlighting the key role of legislators in holding governments to account for delivery of the Paris Agreement, exerting legislative leadership in creating ambitious legal frameworks, raising ambition ahead of Glasgow, and seeking to align key international processes such as COP26 and COP15 on biodiversity which are both integral to addressing the joint climate and ecological crises. Gender equality and youth engagement both feature as key themes in GLOBE's work and activities related to COP26.

At COP26, GLOBE will host the hybrid GLOBE COP26 Legislators Summit from Friday 5 - Saturday 6 November at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. Working in partnership with the Scottish Parliament, this will be the principal legislators event at COP26 featuring a high-level line-up of speakers. Due to pandemic restrictions, this will be a hybrid event with a limited number of global parliamentarians participating in-person at the Scottish Parliament. An unlimited number of parliamentarians will be able to join virtually, however, as digital delegates. They will be able to avail of a state-of-the-art video conferencing platform to enhance the online experience. Other stakeholders from local government, civil society, business, academia, etc may also join online as observers. Full Summit details and registration can be found here.

Ahead of COP26, GLOBE will be working with partners to promote dialogue between young people and parliamentarians on how to solve the climate crisis. These will take the form of Student-MP Climate Surgeries in London, and across Scotland with MSPs and MPs, on Friday 29 October. Intended as a means of improving political understanding and supporting informed engagement on a critical issue for young people, these dialogues will take place across Scotland with the support of Scotland's Children and Youth Parliaments. Billed as 'The Moment' the results of this Scottish youth-parliamentary dialogue will be shared at the opening of the GLOBE COP26 Legislators Summit on Friday 5th November 2021.



GLOBE International is honored to have been designated as the UNFCCC Focal Point for the Parliamentary Group to facilitate the engagement of parliamentary networks and parliamentarians at COP26 and UNFCCC meetings. The founding members of the Parliamentary Group comprise Climate Parliament, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, GLOBE International, InterPares/ International IDEA, ParlAmericas and Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

As Focal Point, GLOBE will provide regular updates and host webinars and information sessions on the road to COP26. During COP26 GLOBE will host daily morning coordination meetings for the Parliamentary Group, organise press conferences as necessary and support cross-party parliamentary engagement at COP26.

The Parliamentary Group is open to parliamentarians, parliamentary networks or organisations seeking to advance the aims of the UNFCCC and implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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