A unique educational collaboration initiated by GLOBE International with filmmaker Richard CurtisProject Everyone initiative World’s Largest Lesson and London Sustainable Schools Forum as a practical response to the surge of youth interest in climate change and student activism through the 2019 climate strikes.

These free lesson plans are designed for students aged 11-14 across London's schools and seek to improve young people's understanding of climate change, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the role of parliament and active citizenship.

The four sets of lesson plans explore climate change, what it means for London and the world, introduce the Sustainable Development Goals and encourage young people to write a letter to their MPs as part of citizenship education.

They are designed to be delivered by teachers one month ahead of London Climate Action Week 2019 to prepare young people for active engagement during the week itself.

Further information and the four lesson plans can be downloaded directly from our partner London Sustainable Schools Forum's excellent website.