Leader of the Committees on North Korea & Reform of Budget & Corporate Tax, Japanese Diet

Masayoshi Yoshino (吉野 正芳, Yoshino Masayoshi, born August 8, 1948) is a Japanese politician of the Liberal Democratic Party, a member of the House of Representatives in the Diet (national legislature). A native of Iwaki, Fukushima and graduate of Waseda University, he was elected to the first of his three terms in the assembly of Fukushima Prefecture in 1987 and then to the House of Representatives for the first time in 2000. In 2012, he won a seat in the House of Representatives for the Chugoku region, and in 2014 returned to Fukushima which he has represented since 2014.

On 26 April, 2017, he became the minister responsible for disaster reconstruction in the Tohoku Region, after the previous minister, Masahiro Imamura, resigned after making insensitive remarks about the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which had hit the Tohoku region.

Deputy Masayoshi Yoshino