GLOBE Natural Capital Action Plan

To download the GLOBE Natural Capital Action Plan document as a PDF file click here. 

Executive Summary

1 Introduction

2 Valuing Natural Capital

2.1 Introduction
   2.2 Environmental Accounts
      2.2.1 System of Environmental and Economic Accounting (SEEA)
      2.2.2 Wealth Accounting
   2.3 Economic Appraisal
   2.4 How to Avoid Paralysis by Analysis
   2.5 Sequencing

3 The Role of Legislators

   3.1 Mainstreaming Natural Capital across Government
   3.2 Scrutiny of Government Policy Making
   3.3 Ownership of Environmental Accounts
   3.4 Achieving Public Policy Goals by Investing in Natural Capital

4 Recommendations to Governments

   4.1 Requirement for all Government Departments to develop Natural Capital Inventories
   4.2 Creation of a Ministerial Position within the Finance Ministry to Oversee the Management of Natural Capital
   4.3 Creation of a Ministerial Committee on Natural Capital
   4.4 Creation of an Advisory Group to the Ministerial Committee on Natural Capital
   4.5 Integrate the Value of Natural Capital into Policy-making Processes

5 Recommendations to National Audit Offices

   5.1 Recommendations to Audit Offices