Letter from the Foreign Secretary

fco-logoText of the letter from the UK Foreign Secretary, the Rt. Hon. William Hague to GLOBE legislators attending the Summit:

Dear delegate, welcome to this conference to launch the GLOBE Climate Legislation Initiative. I am delighted that so many delegates from such a wide range of countries have been able to come to London to attend. And I am sorry that I am not able to be here to welcome you in person. The work that you will be beginning over the next two days forms a key part of our efforts as legislators and as governments to combat dangerous climate change across the world.

We are proud of the legislative framework that we have put in place in the UK to ensure that we continue to meet ambitious emissions reductions targets over the years to come. We are also prod of the cross-party consensus on the importance of action through legislation which underpins it. Climate change is a key issue for legislators at a national level and it is also a key foreign policy priority, so it is particularly appropriate that you have been able to come together here at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

As we look towards the imperative of getting agreement on a global, legally binding, deal on emissions reductions in the UNFCCC in 2015, it is clear that domestic legislation has a key role to play in building consensus and cementing ambition. We are very pleased to have been able to support the launch of this initiative. We all have three years of hard work ahead of us to get us to we need to be in 2015. I wish you every success and I offer you the UK's continued support for this project.

Rt Hon. William Hague, MP

Foreign Secretary