The Chinese translation of the 3rd GLOBE Climate Legislation Study


On 18 April 2013, Minister Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of China's National Development & Reform Commission (China's Planning Ministry) launched the Chinese edition of the 3rd GLOBE Climate Legislation Study. The Minister also announced that China's legislation on climate change would be comprehensive and will be forthcoming within the next two years

The Minister was joined by GLOBE President and Chairman of the UK Statutory Climate Change Committee, Rt Hon, John Gummer, Lord Deben, the former UK Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Lord John Prescott, Steen Gade MP, the Chairman of the Danish Climate Change Committee and President of GLOBE Denmark, Arnaud Leroy MP, Secretary of the Sustainable Development Commission in the French National Assembly and Vice President of GLOBE France, and Deputy Antonio Ramos Preto, Chairman of the Portuguese Parliament's Committee on Environment and GLOBE Secretary General Adam Matthews.

The launch was also joined by China's lead climate negotiator Su Wei and the lead author of the study, Terry Townshend.

Speaking at the launch Minister Xie outlined the actions China was taking to address climate change and the importance of China's climate change law which is currently under development. Minister Xie congratulated GLOBE on the influential Study and the importance of recognising national legislation as a key contributor to the international process.

The Minister acknowledged the contribution of GLOBE to the development of China's climate change law, stating "I am very happy to collaborate with GLOBE on the development of China's climate change legislation and to learn best practice from other countries."

Responding to the Minister GLOBE President, Lord Deben, congratulated the very considerable effort of China in advancing national climate change legislation and the wide variety of national and sub national measures being tested and implemented.

Lord Deben said "No one can say China is not doing anything on climate change. You just have to look at the GLOBE Study to see the depth and breadth of the measures being implemented. It is clear that China is strongly committed to taking national action and the international community should welcome and recognise this."

Lord-Prescott-ChinaLord Prescott, Europe's lead negotiator at Kyoto, former UK Deputy Prime Minister and now Vice President of GLOBE International said "China is developing serious and comprehensive legislation and in Europe they have a partner that will support them."

Following the launch the delegation held a detailed discussion with the Minister and his team about GLOBE's ongoing work with China to contribute the experience of legislators in the development of national climate laws and in developing carbon market legislation. 
Importantly a key focus of the discussion concerned GLOBE's China-EU Dialogue, exploring how China and Europe can develop common low carbon standards within key industrial sectors. It was agreed that this work will be developed jointly with the NDRC Ministry over the coming months. 

If you would like to download the Chinese language version of the study please visit the dedicated GLOBE Climate Legislation Study area of this site or click here.


 From left to right: Terry Townshend, Deputy Antonio Ramos Preto, Arnaud Leroy MP, John Gummer (Lord Deben), Xie Zhenhua, John Prescott (Lord Prescott), Steen Gade MP and Adam C.T. Matthews.