UN Welcomes landmark Rio+20 Legislator's Protocol

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Agreed by 300 Parliamentarians from 86 countries addressing key gaps in original Rio process

UN Welcomes landmark Rio+20 Legislator's Protocol

The Protocol was signed by the heads of the national delegations during a formal presentation to the United Nations Under Secretary General responsible for Rio+20, Sha Zukang. The Protocol sets out a number of commitments for parliaments designed to strengthen delivery of the original Rio agenda; progress within UN Conventions on Biodiversity, Climate Change and Desertification; and commitments to emerge from Rio+20.

The Protocol addresses three critical omissions of the original Rio Summit: scrutiny, legislation and the valuation of natural capital. Specifically:

  • Scrutiny: establishing an international mechanism to monitor governments´ implementation of Rio commitments.
  • Legislation: a commitment to advance laws and share good legislative practice to underpin the Rio commitments.
  • Natural capital: a commitment to push for the incorporation of natural capital into government accounting procedures.

Parliaments will now begin to ratify the Protocol and legislators will convene every two years in Rio to monitor delivery.

The Protocol can be downloaded by clicking here.

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