Wellington, 15/10: Establishment of GLOBE New Zealand Chapter

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Wellington, 15/10: Establishment of GLOBE New Zealand Chapter

Members of the New Zealand Parliament held the inaugural meeting of GLOBE New Zealand and elected Dr. Kennedy Graham MP as a Chairman.

Draft statutes, based on models of other national chapters and adapted to New Zealand circumstances were discussed and adopted.

Kennedy Graham MP described the background and historical development of GLOBE International, from the early 1990s to the present day. He described the published work on national environmental legislation undertaken by GLOBE staff and consultants, which had proved to be informative and useful to parliamentarians and staff.

Hon Phil Goff recalled his cabinet experience as Minister for the Environment in the 1980s, and his engagement on climate issues in the Clark cabinet of the 2000s and more recently as Opposition Leader. He supported the concept of cross-party dialogue as the anchor of national consensus on climate policy.

Tracey Martin MP described the experience she had in a recent visit to Tuvalu, whose livelihood and even survival as a nation is at risk through sea level rise. For effective global and national policy on both mitigation and adaptation, much would depend on better education.

MPs discussed the mission statement of GLOBE (article 4), incorporated in the draft GLOBE New Zealand Statutes, and affirmed that this would be the main objective of GLOBE New Zealand’s work. They then signed the Statutes as founding members, and declared GLOBE New Zealand to be established.

MPs agreed to establish an Executive Committee as required under the draft Statutes and elected Dr Kennedy Graham MP as Chairman.

MPs agreed that the initial focus of GLOBE New Zealand should be on the international negotiations ongoing under the UNFCCC, leading up to and after the COP-21 in Paris. The state of the negotiations, pre- and post-Paris, and their implications for New Zealand, would be a natural focus for MPs. This could include the future peer review process for the INDCs, and the future negotiations over the rules for implementation of the Paris Agreement, including national reporting and accounting.

It was agreed that a Work Plan for 2016 should be drawn up and submitted by the Executive Committee to the second meeting of GLOBE New Zealand.