Mexican Congress Votes to Pass Climate Law

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Mexican Congress

The Mexican Congress has voted by a large majority in both the Senate and Chamber of Deputies to introduce comprehensive climate change legislation advanced by GLOBE Mexico.

Tonight the Mexican Senate voted by 78-0 in favour of a national climate change law advanced by GLOBE Mexico.  The vote followed the previous vote in the Chamber of Deputies which passed with 280 for, 10 against with 1 abstention. The legislation was amended in the Congress from the version passed in the Senate in December last year and therefore returned to the Senate for a final time.

The Law has now passed to the President of Mexico to be formally signed into law.  A signing ceremony is expected in the coming weeks.

GLOBE’s Secretary General, Adam Matthews, said: “This is a major development in the fight against climate change.  The Senate and Congress should be congratulated for uniting across all political parties today to pass this law with such an overwhelming majority.  In the run up to a Presidential election it would have been easy for this issue to become a political football.  It is a credit to all those that voted in favour today that this issue was raised above party politics and now will be signed into law by the President.  GLOBE Mexico have worked tirelessly and should be congratulated.” 

Following the vote Deputy Ignacio Pichardo, former President of GLOBE Mexico said: “This is a crucial moment for the national life of Mexico. Today it has been demonstrated that the Mexican people agree that climate change is one of the key topics for the country and it is a call for the rest of the world to take action: now.”

Deputy Nicolás Bellizia Aboaf, President of GLOBE Mexico, said: “Today is a day that will surely be registered in the history of our country for overcomming together one of the biggest challenges of the LXI Legislature.”

For further information about this post please contact the GLOBE’s Secretary General, Adam Matthews, adam.matthews@globeinternational.org

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