Head of President Dilma’s Cabinet Backs World Summit of Legislators

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Minister Hoffman meeting with GLOBE at the office of the Presidency

The Head of President Dilma's Cabinet, Minister Gleisi Hoffman, met today with GLOBE and offered the full support of Brazil for the 1st World Summit of Legislators.

Minister Gleisi Hoffman, head of President Dilma’s Cabinet and the most senior Minister in Brazil after the President, today offered her full support and the support of the Brazilian Government for the 1st World Summit of Legislators due to convene in Rio de Janeiro from the 15th – 17th June 2012. 

The Minister met with the President of GLOBE Brazil and 1st Secretary of the Brazilian Senate, Senator Cicero Lucena, the Vice President of GLOBE Brazil and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment, Senator Rodrigo Rollemberg, the Ambassador for the World Summit of Legislators and former Vice President of the Brazilian Senate, Senadora Serys Slhessarenko and Secretary General of GLOBE International, Adam Matthews.

During the meeting the Minister recognised the unique role the World Summit of Legislators will play in scrutinising the delivery of the outcome of Rio+20.  She also welcomed the focus of the Summit on driving commitments into national legislation and the focus on natural capital accounting. 

The Minister was keen to emphasise the support of the Government of Brazil for this event and the resulting process that will see the Legislators Summit return to Brazil biennially.

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