GLOBE President Calls for a New Generation of Climate Change Agreement to be developed in Lima and Paris

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GLOBE President Calls for a New Generation of Climate Change Agreement to be developed in Lima and Paris

Statement issued by the President of the Global Legislators Organisation ahead of the World Summit of Legislators to convene next month in the Congress of Mexico.

GLOBE International President and House Chairperson of the South African National Assembly, Hon. Cedric Frolick MP, said:

'It is time to develop a new vision for an international agreement that reflects a changed world. There is an opportunity for legislators to make a defining intervention that places legislation at the heart of a new generation of international agreement. Such an agreement will strengthen national governance and empower the very actors that are the bridge from the local to the national and to the international. For a future climate change agreement to succeed national climate laws must be at its heart.'

Legislators due to convene at the 2nd World Summit of Legislators (WSL2014) will debate and agree on a set of crucial interventions on the climate change agenda to ensure that the lessons are learnt from the last time heads of government came together in Copenhagen.

These interventions include:

  • To politically test a new generation of international agreement that recognises national commitments contained in national laws. This approach would significantly strengthen national governance structures as well as bring issues of climate change closer to the people.
  • Ahead of Paris 2015 to review existing climate change legislation, share best legislative practice from across the world, and identify what legislative gaps exist in respective national responses to climate change. Thereafter initiate national processes to develop framework climate change legislation (where it does not already exist) that focus on mitigation, adaptation and forests. This approach will prepare the legislative and regulatory ground for a 2015 climate change agreement.
  • To systematically use formal parliamentary channels (national debates, Committee hearings) to closely scrutinise national negotiating positions ahead of the UN leaders’ Summit, UNFCCC COP in Lima 2014 and the UNFCCC COP in Paris 2015.

With the UNFCCC meeting in Bonn from June 3-14 for the latest round of negotiations, the World Summit of Legislators will convene simultaneously in the presence of the heads of key United Nations institutions and the World Bank Group in the Mexican Congress. The parallel discussions by legislators will offer negotiators the opportunity to look at an international agreement from the angle of those who ultimately will need to ratify the agreement, fund it and scrutinise governments on delivering it.

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