GLOBE Legislators respond to scientific evidence by IPCC and call for urgent concerted action on climate

GLOBE Legislators respond to scientific evidence by IPCC and call for urgent concerted action on climate

GLOBE – The Global Legislators Organisation - welcomes the findings of the IPCC report on the countdown to the Lima UNFCCC COP20 and calls for urgent concerted action.

The final report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is a rousing call for action on decision-makers from all around the world. It shows how climate change will inflict severe, widespread and irreversible impacts on people. However it also demonstrates that ways to avoid dangerous climate change are available and make economic sense.

Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the GLOBE Board and of the GLOBE group in the UK House of Commons, said:

The science cannot give us certainty but it can alert us to the risks. Coordinated national action by sovereign parliaments unlocks investment, drives down cost and provides the foundation for international agreement.

Climate risk is real but, like all risks, must be managed as effectively and affordably as possible. That’s why GLOBE International brings parliamentarians together, not to agitate for global government, but to recognise a common threat and deal with it with appropriate urgency.

Responding to the IPPC Report, Hon. Arnaud Leroy, GLOBE Vice President for Policy and majority climate spokesperson in the French National Assembly, said:

Critical progress must be made next month in Lima to pave the way for the national commitments on climate which all countries will put forward in the first months of 2015.

National legislators will be responsible for deciding locally what will be proposed internationally”

GLOBE will gather a summit of parliamentarians in the sidelines of COP20 to galvanize parliamentary action on climate over the crucial next 12 months.

GLOBE Legislators around the world are committed to scrutinizing national governments and negotiating positions ahead of the next round of talks in Lima.

GLOBE is organizing a programme of events dedicated to parliamentarians attending COP20 in partnership with the Congress of Peru.

For more information, please e-mail ecretariat@globelegislators.org  or sign up to the GLOBE newsletter.


About GLOBE – The Global Legislators Organisation

GLOBE is a unique global network of parliamentarians committed to translating environmental policy into national legislative action. Its mission is to advance national legislation and improve democratic governance through parliamentary oversight of governments and budgetary processes.

In 25 years of activity, GLOBE has worked with national legislators in 50 countries to advance nationally appropriate legislation on environmental themes and to promote parliamentary scrutiny on government commitments within international climate negotiations.

Cross-party groups of legislators gathered in over 30 national GLOBE chapters have been instrumental in passing primary legislation, amending existing laws or debating motions on climate, natural capital accounting and forest/REDD+ in the parliaments of Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, DRC, European Union, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Micronesia, Korea and the UK.


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