GLOBE Legislators from across Europe meet in Italian Parliament to discuss EU climate and energy targets

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GLOBE Legislators from across Europe meet in Italian Parliament to discuss EU climate and energy targets

On 21 November, GLOBE Europe hosted its 2014 Annual Strategy Meeting on the EU 2030 climate and energy policy in the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament.

The conference provided an opportunity for national and European legislators to take stock of EU-level developments on energy and climate, which took place under the Italian Presidency of the European Council, in the context of the recent US-China announcements, in the run up to UNFCCC COP20 and shortly after weeks of floods which have affected France and Italy.

The European Council meeting of 23-24 October agreed a reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs) of ‘at least’ 40% and a target of a least 27% of energy supply for renewable sources by 2030. Importantly, it set an ambitious Union-wide target of 15% interconnection capacity for energy security and market integration to encourage cross-border power grids.

Legislators had a chance to assess the package and debate its national and regional implications in the context of relevant international developments. The event was attended by parliamentarians from several European countries and the European Parliament, members of the Italian Government, Italian legislators, major companies such as Enel Group, Alstom, Italian Biogas Consortium, Fincibec, and industry associations from the fields of energy efficiency, sustainability, renewable energy and the wider green economy sector, as well as civil society delegates.

GLOBE-Europe-ConferenceThe meeting took place at a crucial time in the international climate calendar: two weeks before COP20 in Lima and days after the G20 meeting and the US-China announcement on clean energy and climate cooperation. GLOBE legislators reviewed the EU policy framework for energy efficiency and the role of national legislation in the context of recent international developments, of the EU’s climate and energy targets for 2030, and of the devastating floods which have recently struck Italy and France.

The meeting also sought to provide momentum for progressive European leadership from national parliamentarians to maintain ambition and cooperation in the lead up to Paris. GLOBE legislators from Europe discussed a strategy to be advanced over the course of 2015 through the coordinated work of GLOBE chapters and focal points in the national parliaments of European countries.

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