300 legislators,38 Presidents of Congress, to participate in 1st World Summit of Legislators

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A new mechanism to be created to monitor delivery of Rio+20 commitments

300 legislators,38 Presidents of Congress, to participate in 1st World Summit of Legislators

300 legislators from 85 countries will convene in the Palace Tiradentes from the 15th-17th June at the 1st World Summit of Legislators. 38 of the delegations will be led by the President or Speaker of their national legislature.

Speaking at the announcement of the Summit, UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon said:

“I am pleased to send greetings to the launch event for the World Summit of Legislators. Parliamentarians have a profound influence. You enact legislation. You approve budgets. You are at the heart of democratic governance. And in today’s increasingly interconnected world, you are also a link between the global and local — bringing local concerns into the global arena, and translating global standards into national action. I very much welcome your engagement in the process.”

Statements of support have been received from parliaments across the world for the objectives of the Summit to create a dedicated process for legislators focussed on the following core objectives:

  • Scrutiny: recognising the role of legislators in monitoring and scrutinising the work of government, the Summit will establish an international mechanism to monitor implementation of commitments by governments made at Rio+20. The Summit will develop a set of Rio Scrutiny Principles in order to strengthen legislators' capacity to hold governments to account;
  • Legislation: recognising the role of legislators in developing and passing laws, the Summit will provide a platform to advance and share best legislative practice as well as to develop a mechanism within international processes that can recognise national legislation;
  • Natural Capital: recognising the role of parliaments in many countries to approve budgets and national accounts, the Summit will examine how the value of natural capital can be integrated within our national economic frameworks to enable legislators to better monitor the use of natural capital.

GLOBE President, Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben, said: "The world Summit of Legislators will for the first time create a proper mechanism for legislators to not only monitor delivery by governments of their commitments but also to support implementation of the UN process through national legislation. Both scrutiny and legislation were key missing ingredients from the original Rio Summit 20 years ago."

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