Abuja, 9 June: GLOBE Nigeria President Senator Bukola Saraki elected as Senate President and Chairman of the National Assembly

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He was returned unopposed by 57 Senators who attended the inauguration of the 8th Senate yesterday. Dr. Bukola Saraki was the only candidate that was nominated on the floor of the Senate.


Tokyo, 30/09 - 1/10 2015: GLOBE Asia Pacific Regional Forum

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The Forum will be held at the International Conference Room in the Diet of Japan building, and will be open for the participation of GLOBE parliamentarians from Asia-Pacific countries.  


HRH Prince Charles introduced to GLOBE

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London, 28 January 2015: The work of legislators on sustainable development came into the frame at the historic Guild Hall in London last night when Malini Mehra was introduced to HRH Prince Charles in her new role as chief executive of GLOBE International.


23 April: GLOBE Mexico leader introduces new Sustainable Forestry Law

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The initiative proposes replacing the 2003 Sustainable Forestry Law to introduce the flexibility needed to adapt to the changing context of the country and address identified loopholes.


Sendai: GLOBE leaders highlight Gender at UN World Conference on Disaster Risk

A number of GLOBE International parliamentarians attended the conference, prominent among them Senator Loren Legarda of the Philippines, Chairperson of the Senate Committees on Climate Change and on Finance, and an authoritative voice on climate change adaptation, who delivered the national statement.

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