GLOBE Russia


GLOBE Russia was the founding member of GLOBE International alongside the GLOBE EU, GLOBE Japan and GLOBE USA in 1989.  Headed by the Opposition Member of the Federal State Duma, Prof. Viktor E. Shudegov, the Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Select Committee on Education, GLOBE Russia has been one of the Executive Board of GLOBE International since 2008.  

Member of the Federal State Duma, Academician Mikhail Tch. Zalikhanov was, until the elections of the State Duma in December 2011, a prominent member and a long-time contributor to the GLOBE International policy dialogue on climate change, the G8 +5 Climate Change Dialogue.  In his work with GLOBE, he has brought views grounded in his academic career in the study of glaciers to bear on the policy debate at the GLOBE Legislators Forums in the past six years.  

GLOBE Russia, jointly with a leading Business journal (in Russia 'Director'), hosted a high level meeting on environmental accountability with the Leaders in Corporate Sustainability of Russia in St Petersburg in 2009. The legislators' organisation in the Federal State Duma is also looking to raise the profile of forests policy with an international legislators' meeting on forests in Krasnojarsk, Russia in autumn 2012.  

The assistance of the Federal State Duma Committee for International Affairs has underpin the work of GLOBE Russia at GLOBE Legislators processes, for which the GLOBE Secretariat is particularly grateful.