UN IPCC Report: A Call to Action

The Report is a Call to Action for Everyone.

Congressman Ibarra "Barry" Gutierrez, a Philippine legislator and one of the founding members of the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE) in the Philippines, heeded the call and expressed support on the call for a renewed perspective on climate changes and global warming, in light of the results of the study conducted by UN IPCC. He said, "The report is a call to action for everyone. There is a need to act now if we intend to reverse the dire scenario posed by climate change. If cutting back on emissions right now will not immediately yield positive results as the report says, that only shows how critical for us to start acting now."

The newest report published by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UN IPCC) bears a strong message that singles out humans as the main perpetrators of the increasing climate changes in the world.

The published report claims that there is a 95% level of certainty that the observed climate and environmental changes are human-induced due to the uncurbed anthropogenic activities which emit greenhouse gases and deplete the stratospheric ozone. Industrialization, fossil fuel emission and changes in land use and consumption of products that produce harmful particles and gases in the atmosphere like aerosols and methane are chief among them.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which is considered as the main determinant of mean global surface temperature had increased sharply at 40% with the onset of industrialization in the 1950's--a phenomenon that has not been observed for 800, 000 years. This had resulted to a warming global surface temperature and ocean acidification, as oceans are predisposed to absorb about 30% of carbon emissions brought about by humans.

The result of the report stirred concern from people around the world, prompting organizations, people and legislators to call for action aimed at countering the possible bleak scenario that climate changes entail.

"Our current generation holds the power to prevent or destroy further the tipping ecological balance, and present a world that is conducive or unfavorable for the future generations to live," Rep. Gutierrez added. As an environmental advocate, he had pursued legislative measures in the Philippine lower Congress that aim to contain the negative effects of climate changes in the country. He has been steadfast in calling for the enactment of bills that ensure a sustainable and balanced ecological system and a just use and distribution of all of country's natural resources, serving the interests of both the present and future generations.

With the increasing trend of converting forests and agricultural lands into operating mining companies in the country, he has stalwartly emphasized the need for comprehensive and clear
government policies on sustainable development. He condemned the conduct of irresponsible mining that causes health and environmental problems and destroys the livelihoods of the locals and indigenous groups in host areas.

Rep. Gutierrez reiterated, "If we don't act now, we are taking away the chance from our children and those after us to enjoy at the least the world we have now. We hold the power to destroy or exacerbate the existing environmental problems. It is our choice to exercise that power or not. I hope we choose to choose fixing our environmental system, not only for us but also to those that will come after us."

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