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Congresswoman Susan Yap elected first Chair of the group in the House of Representatives

Following the devastating impact of typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), 25 legislators have signified commitment to be the founding members of The Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE) Philippines. Senior legislative staff, Congressional Committee Secretaries, media, local and international organisations also took part in the inaugural assembly.

Members came together to work across party political lines to campaign for the creation of a Climate Change and Disaster Management Committee in the House of Representatives to better oversee national responses to disasters and the impacts of climate change.

Congresswoman Susan Yap was elected as the first Chair of the group in the lower chamber. A subsequent inaugural meeting will be held for members of the Philippine Senate. At the inaugural meeting of the group, legislators from the House of Representatives outlined an initial action plan for the group. This included:

·Campaigning for the creation of a Climate Change and Disaster Management Committee in the House of Representatives;
·Working to promote regular consultation and dialogue between the executive and legislative branches of government in the country;
·Coordinating action to strengthen Congress's oversight functions Promoting the regular discussion of climate issues among Philippine legislators;
·Advocating for more proactive engagement of President Aquino on climate change issues;
·Promoting the engagement of legislative staff with GLOBE Philippine through secretariat support, capacity building and fellowship.

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