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Set on November 26, Founding Members to Elect Officers


Work is underway to formalise a National GLOBE Chapter in the Republic of the Philippines.

Legislators from both branches of the 16th Congress will convene on November 26 for their inaugural meeting and election of officers.

Legislators from the Philippines participated in GLOBE International summits in the past and expressed the desire to create a formal GLOBE National Chapter in the country's legislature before the last general elections on 13 May 2013.

Following the swearing in of elected legislators on 30 June 2013, a core group of legislators willing to establish GLOBE Philippines started working to formalise the Chapter.

The group is expected to be fully operational by November 2013. In order to facilitate the launch, Mr Chris Estallo, has been appointed as the group's director and liaison within the GLOBE network.

GLOBE Philippines will use this blog to publish regular updates about its activities and meetings. This section of www.globeinternational.org along with GLOBE Philippines' Twitter feed, will serve to announce the date of the inaugural meeting.

For more information about GLOBE Philippines, membership and the inaugural meeting, please contact GLOBE Philippines Director Mr Christopher Estallo.

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Christopher Estallo

Christopher Estallo

Director for GLOBE Philippines

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