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Senator Loren Legarda Elected as Chairperson for the Senate

GLOBE Philippines' formation at the Philippine Senate took place on February 5. Senator Loren Legarda initiated the formation meeting where Senators Benigno Aquino IV, Juan Edgardo Angara, Vicente Sotto III, and Cynthia Villar attended said meeting. On the other hand, Senator Gregorio Honasan signified his interest to join the organisation through Senator Legarda.

Senator Legarda was voted as Chairperson for the Senate, Senator Villar as Vice Chairperson for the Senate, Senator Aquino IV as Chairperson for Research and Policy Development, Senator Angara as Chairperson for Capacity Building and Education, and Senator Sotto as Chairperson for Media and Communications.

Thus, completing the leadership structure of GLOBE Philippines,

"Now, we have 6 Senators and 24 members of the House of Representatives, cross-party legislators, that are committed to finding legislative solutions to the challenges posed by climate change and sustainable development. This is major development in terms of organising GLOBE in the country," said Chris Estallo, GLOBE Director for the Philippines. "And so far, GLOBE Philippines has the most number of members across GLOBE chapters worldwide," he added.

Senator Legarda in the meeting emphasized the critical role of legislators, especially the Senators, in taking climate action.

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