Increased use of non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels and minerals; renewable and replenishable but exhaustible ones such as water and forests beyond their regenerative capacity has the potential to severely impact economic growth and development. Deterioration of the environment and advent of climate change are increasingly impeding the sustainable inclusive economic growth agenda embedded in 11th and 12th Five Year Plan of the Government of India. As the country develops and prospers, sustainable and inclusive growth will be a big challenge due to increasing population and limited resources. India is highly vulnerable to climate change due to its large coastline, glaciers feeding perennial rivers, dependence on monsoon for agriculture and large population under poverty. Impacts of global problems such as Climate Change and Ozone depletion are not limited to political boundary of the country, and demands cooperation among countries for effective mitigation and adaptation. The impacts are also not equally distributed, and some regions are more vulnerable than others, irrespective of their contribution towards the problems. This brings forward the difficult question of burden sharing among countries proportionate to their contribution for these problems. Climate Change is increasingly becoming a political issue in international negotiations as well as national political discourse due to its large scale impact on growth and economic development and financials involved in burden sharing for historical contributions. GLOBE INDIA ROLE Legislators play key role in policy making, legislative oversight, developing political support, budgetary allocations and are important link between Government policies and the people they represent. Role of legislators is crucial in mainstreaming environmental and sustainability issues both in the policy making process as well as in public outreach. Represented by a cross-party group of legislators, GLOBE India will play critical role in guiding public policy on environment and sustainability issues at national level and balanced position in international policy framework. GLOBE INDIA VISION To create critical mass among legislators and empower them to agree and advance common legislative responses to the major national and international sustainable development challenges for the welfare of the people, and growth of the economy. GLOBE INDIA MISSION • Engage with legislators across the country, both at national and state levels to make them aware of national and global environmental and sustainability challenges. • Provide informal platform to legislators to interact with relevant ministries, experts, global research organizations, civil society groups and fellow legislators of other countries on policy developments in the field of environment, climate change and sustainable development. • Facilitate dialogue on creating consensus on various environment and sustainability issues of national and international importance, keeping in mind the development and growth challenges of the country. • Provide independent and non-partisan intellectual support to legislators for their active participation in legislative processes in the state/ national legislature and international legislators’ forums on environment, climate change and sustainable development.


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