2010 GLOBE Tianjin Legislators Forum


The National People's Congress (NPC) of China and GLOBE International jointly hosted a Climate Change Legislators Forum on 6-8 November 2010 in Tianjin, China.

GLOBE-TIanjin-2010-Chinese-delegates-2The NPC used the platform of the forum to announce that China will develop a comprehensive climate change law and GLOBE was invited by the NPC to inform the development of the legislation by collating international experience, with a specific emphasis on the lessons learned from those countries that had already introduced legislation. Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben, President of GLOBE International, welcomed the announcement and offered to work closely with the NPC.

Update (2013): GLOBE has since hosted the NDRC-led "law team" developing China's climate change law in both London and Brussels to hear from legislators and government officials about the experience of the UK and EU and there is ongoing engagement between GLOBE and the Chinese government as the law is developed. A draft is expected to be published in 2013 with passage likely by 2015.

GLOBE-TIanjin-2010-Chinese-delegatesThe Tianjin Legislators' Forum focused on two key issues:

• Baselining Climate Legislation in the Major Economies: The preliminary results of the 1st GLOBE Climate Legislation Study were presented, comparing climate-related legislation across 16 of the major economies. Following the presentation, detailed country case studies were presented and a discussion took place to learn from respective experiences and to identify where complementary legislative responses could be developed. The Forum also explored whether a future international agreement on climate change should recognise national legislation and the role of parliaments in terms of oversight, including monitoring, reporting and verification.

• Development and testing of legislative proposal: At the request of the Mexican Presidency of COP16 the Forum politically tested a post-2012 climate architecture proposal that had been developed by the GLOBE Secretariat.