Building Coherence & Convergence


Making Parliaments matter on climate

GLOBE International's flagship effort for 2015 will focus on raising ambition for climate action through the active engagement of parliamentarians in the UNFCCC process. Specifically GLOBE's membership will use the INDC (Intended Nationally-Determined Contributions) process to raise public awareness and exercise parliamentary scrutiny over governments' announced commitments on national climate action from 2015 onwards.

Call to action from GLOBE COP20 Summit in Lima

This decision was a key conclusion of the GLOBE COP20 Summit of Legislators in Lima, Peru. The UNFCCC COP20 Summit concluded on 14th December 2014 after a marathon session with the adoption of the Lima Call for Climate Action. It was far less than many had hoped for and demonstrated that key governments are still far apart. The urgency of the science had not produced the political consensus needed for collective action.

As the COP20 President, Manuel Pulgal Vidal, reminded GLOBE delegates, the world is not on a pathway to 2° to avert dangerous climate change. Something more was needed. Despite the engagement of business leaders and social movements to an unprecedented degree in 2014, and the political capital spent on the UN's New York Climate Summit, key capitals were still far apart.

Parliaments as the source of domestic Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV)

Indeed at Lima, some governments hardened their line against transparency and external scrutiny. In this context, the role of national legislators - elected representatives of the people with powers of scrutiny and budgetary oversight - becomes more important than ever. Legislators have the legal authority and responsibility to hold governments to account. It is time for parliamentarians to exert their power and engage in the climate debate in a manner not seen before. This also provides new openings for more effective democratic parliamentary and public action on climate change.


This was the conclusion reached by legislators at GLOBE International's COP20 Summit in Lima on 7 December 2014 (pictured above). At a time when every country is suffering the negative impacts of climate change and the imperative for action is clear, legislators resolved to ensure that the opportunities provided by the INDC process – and indeed all of the UN's three major summits in 2015 - are seized.

National Parliamentary Hearings on the INDCs – An unprecedented exercise

GLOBE's National Parliamentary Hearings on the INDCs are an unprecedented exercise in coordinated parliamentary scrutiny over an intergovernmental negotiation process. The GLOBE INDC Hearings reassert the role of parliaments in negotiating international treaties such as on climate change and set a new benchmark for best practice by parliaments on global governance.

As GLOBE's annual climate legislation reviews have demonstrated, GLOBE's international network of parliamentarians has pioneered legislation on climate change in almost 100 countries. The INDC initiative is a reminder that the role of parliament is not just limited to law-making on issues such as climate change, but also extends to oversight, scrutiny and budgetary review (including of climate finance).

GLOBE Parliamentary Hearings to start in 2015

Over the coming year, therefore, GLOBE International chapters will hold parliamentary hearings to review and scrutinise governments' Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). These are expected to be announced by Annex 1 countries by 31 March 2015 and by non-Annex 1 countries by June 2015.
The GLOBE International secretariat will work with its national chapters to support and coordinate hearings in national parliaments, and subnational parliaments where possible, through appropriate committee structures, and with the involvement of key external knowledge partners. The intention will be to ensure that government's INDCs and proposals for COP21 are subjected to parliamentary review and scrutiny with a view to securing an outcome at Paris in line with what the science dictates, and citizens expect, to avoid dangerous climate change.

GLOBE COP21 Summit at the French National Assembly in Paris

GLOBE International's national parliamentary efforts will converge in Paris in December when GLOBE International will host a major Summit of parliamentarians at France's National Assembly during COP21 on 5 December 2015.

The GLOBE COP21 Legislators Summit will be held at the mid-way point of the Paris climate negotiations and will exert the collective voice of parliamentarians for a high-ambition outcome. The ultimate Paris agreement will be a litmus test of the effectiveness of national parliamentarians. A key objective of the GLOBE INDC Hearings is that the COP21 negotiations in Paris are better informed, more deliberative and high-ambition than would have been the case without structured GLOBE parliamentary engagement throughout 2015.

The GLOBE National Parliamentary Hearing process will not conclude in 2015 with the Paris Agreement, but continue into 2016/2017 through to the successful ratification of the Paris Agreement in national parliaments and theron to regular review to ensure effective implementation.

For more information on the GLOBE INDC Hearings, please contact: and mark 'INDC Hearings' in your inquiry.