The GLOBE China-EU Initiative (GCEI)


GLOBE Delegation led by Lord Deben - Visiting the National People's Congress in April 2013

GLOBE International has a unique and well-established relationship with the Chinese National People’s Congress and Government. GLOBE International has engaged with China since 2005, when it began a dialogue on climate change for legislators from the major economies.

The China chapter of GLOBE was formed in 2010 with the then Chair of the Committee on Environment Protection and Resources Conservation (EPRC), Wang Guangtao as President of GLOBE China and all the members of his committee as members of GLOBE China.

GLOBE-Xie-Zhenhua-Letwin-Lord-Deben-2011Recognising the unique role of legislators in China, and their close collaboration with the executive, GLOBE has broadened its relationship to include the key policymakers in the powerful economic planning ministry, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and its think-tank, the National Center for Climate Strategy and International Cooperation.

GLOBE’s engagement at the political level is underpinned by a broad and deep set of policy engagements with the key climate and energy officials, government think-tanks and academics. The informal nature of the engagement allows more freedom to discuss issues that can be contentious in formal government-to-government discussions.

GLOBE International’s engagement with China is based on a shared aim – to accelerate the move to a global low carbon economy powered by clean energy and providing high-grade jobs in markets for low carbon goods and services.

In 2011 GLOBE launched the “second track” of discussions between Chinese Ministers and senior officials and European legislators aiming at sharing political intelligence on the climate change agenda, exploring concrete areas for closer collaboration and commissioning joint research and analysis to underpin and inform the discussions.

GLOBE International’s work with China currently focuses on three main areas:

  • Legislation (China's Climate Change Law)
  • Emissions Trading (Provincial pilot emissions trading schemes)
  • Potential for China-EU shared standards


The Official Photograph from the 2010 GLOBE Tianjin Legislators Forum