DRC Programme

Justin-Mirindi-with-GLOBE-DRC-President-Hon.-Jean-Pierre-Tshimanga-BuanaThe GLOBE DRC Chapter comprising 22 legislators was launched in September 2012.

Key milestones in GLOBE's work on forests/REDD in the DRC in 2012-2013 include:

  • The establishment of an official partnership between GLOBE International, GLOBE DRC and the DRC Ministry of Environment and its National REDD Coordination (CN-REDD) in 2012, supported by UNEP
  • The formation of a REDD/forest governance working group in the DRC National Assembly, including legislators, experts, civil society and government representatives, with 4 thematic workshops held in 2012/2013 on benefit sharing, safeguards and other REDD-related topics
  • The creation of a Legal Support Group comprising 4 DRC environmental lawyers, providing day-to-day support and advice to legislators on REDD and forest legislation
  • The production of a report and road map for REDD+ and forest legislation reform in 2013, adopted by legislators and to be launched at a public event in Kinshasa in January 2014
  • The participation of DRC legislators at key international events, including the World Summit of Legislators in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012, the 1st GLOBE International Forest Forum at COP 18 in Doha in December 2012 and the 2nd International Forest Forum at COP 19 in Warsaw in November 2013.

After this first phase of capacity building and stakeholder consultation, GLOBE DRC legislators have agreed on a road map for key legislative proposals in 2014, including reforms related to land tenure, environmental and social safeguards, carbon ownership and benefit sharing.

GLOBE DRC is led by the Honorable Tshimanga Buana, Vice Rapporteur of the DRC National Assmebly and coordinated by Mr Justin Mirindi, Director of GLOBE DRC.


Background: GLOBE DRC & the Legislative Working Group on REDD+ and Forest Governance

The official launch of GLOBE DRC took place on 18th and 19th September 2012 at the National Assembly in Kinshasa in the presence of Barry Gardiner, UK MP, and Congresswoman Rebecca Garcia, author of the REDD+ Law Project for the Brazilian Congress in 2010. The event was organised in partnership with the CN-REDD and amounted to a full-day of legislative capacity-building workshops on REDD+. It was attended by 150 participants, of which over 70 were national legislators.

The main aim of the workshop was to enable legislators to take part in the national REDD+ debate and to inform legislators who will take part in the new GLOBE Legislative Working Group on Forest Governance. The group convenes key Congolese legislators together with a select group of environmental lawyers, in order to develop potential REDD+ legal reforms.

The Legislative Working Group provides a platform for Congolese Parliamentarians to discuss a legislative reform agenda for REDD+ implementation. The group was one of the proposals included in the Work Plan, which was debated at a consultative meeting involving twenty-one Congolese legislators in Kinshasa. The over-arching aim of the meeting was to present the rules for the establishment of a National GLOBE chapter and to submit the Work Plan of the GLOBE Forest Legislation Initiative DRC Programme for the approval of DRC Parliamentarians.

The first meeting of the Legislative Working Group was held in Kinshasa, under the chairmanship of the Honourable Bokona Wipa on the 18th October 2012. The meeting inaugurated the Legislative Working Group on REDD+ and Forest Governance and specified the commitment to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+).

The second meeting of the group took place at the National Assembly building in Kinshasa on 30th January 2013. It sought to address the need to reform existing laws related to the protection of natural resources in order for a legal framework on REDD+ to be created. Two additional meetings of the working group took place in March 2013.

A road map for legislative reform, prepared by a Legal Support Group and consolidating the work of the Legislative Working Group, was presented and discussed at an internal workshop in May 2013. The road map will form the basis for the second phase of the Forest Legislation Initiative in 2014: Advancing key legislative reform proposals for REDD+ in the DRC Parliament.


The Hon. J. Ipakaka taking part in a roundtable at the 2nd GLOBE International Forest Forum (GIFF) in Warsaw