GLOBE @ London Climate Action Week 2020

GLOBE @ London Climate Action Week 2020

Student-MP Climate Surgery 2020

The rise of youth climate activism has been a political game-changer. With the right to vote for 16-year olds being a key demand of student Climate Strikers, how can young people's voice and calls for climate action be reflected in politics?

The youth climate strikes have taken place on Fridays with young people marching to political centres of power such as Parliament Square in London. In the UK, MPs are typically not in Parliament on Fridays, but at their constituency surgeries.

CBD COP13 forum

CBD COP13 Legislators Forum (Cancun 2016)

By invitation of the Government of Mexico and the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBDS), on 7 December GLOBE International convened the CDB COP13 Legislators Forum as one of the official fora of the COP.

Legislators from 20 countries adopted the CBD COP13 Legislators Forum Communiqué calling for the integration of biodiversity into public policy. Click here to download the Communiqué.