GLOBE delegations to China

These page contains a summary of outcomes from visits of GLOBE delegations to China which took place in 2013 after the leadership transition.


NDRC Minister Xie Zhenhua announces timetable for Chinese Climate Law at GLOBE Study Launch in Beijing


On 18 April 2013, Xie Zhenhua, Vice Chairman of China’s National Development & Reform Commission (China’s Planning Ministry) launched the Chinese edition of the 3rd GLOBE Climate Legislation Study at an event in Beijing.

The Minister was joined by GLOBE President and Chairman of the UK Statutory Climate Change Committee, Rt Hon, John Gummer, Lord Deben, the former UK Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon. Lord John Prescott. The GLOBE International delegation included Steen Gade MP, the Chairman of the Danish Climate Change Committee, Arnaud Leroy MP, Secretary of the Sustainable Development Commission of the French National Assembly, and Deputy Antonio Ramos Preto, Chairman of the Portuguese Parliament's Committee on Environment.

The Minister announced that China's legislation on climate change would be comprehensive and will be forthcoming within the next two years.

Speaking at the launch Minister Xie outlined the actions China was taking to address climate change and the importance of China's climate change law which is currently under development. Minister Xie congratulated GLOBE on the influential Study and the importance of recognising national legislation as a key contributor to the international process.


GLOBE International renews partnership with the National People's Congress of China

deben-lu-haoFollowing the formation of the new National People’s Congress (NPC) of China in March under the leadership transition, a senior delegation from GLOBE visited the Chinese Congress.

The delegation led by GLOBE’s President, Rt Hon. John Gummer, Lord Deben and included Rt Hon. Lord John Prescott, Deputy Arnoud Leroy of France, Steen Gade of Denmark, Deputy Antonio Ramos Preto from Portugal and GLOBE’s Secretary General, Adam C.T. Matthews.
A formal dialogue was held with the new Chairman and Members of the NPC Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee.  

The Committee, chaired by Congressman Lu Hao, briefed the GLOBE delegation on the Committee’s work on climate change and on overseeing the implementation of China’s Renewable Energy Law and other environmental legislation.


GLOBE delegation meeting with Su Wei (NDRC) and with the National People's Congress of China in Beijing


On Friday 5 July 2013, a GLOBE delegation led by Hon. Cedric Frolick MP, Chairperson of the South African National Assembly, met with Su Wei, Director General of the Climate Change Department in the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The other legislators present included Deputy Lourdes Adriana López Moreno (Mexico), Congressman Walden Bello (Philippines) and Congressman Alfonso Pérez Gómez (Costa Rica). Issues discussed included the latest developments in the drafting of China's climate change legislation, the 4th GLOBE Climate Legislation Study (covering 66 countries and due to be launched in the US Congress in January 2014), and prospects for a new international climate change deal in 2015. DG Su reiterated China's desire to pass its climate change law "as soon as possible" and a full first draft was expected this year. Su also reiterated the importance of legislators in developing, passing and overseeing the implementation of legislation and in holding governments to account on their commitments.


GLOBE delegation meets with Vice Chairmen Zhang Yunchuan and Wang Qingxi of the Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee in the NPC


Also on Friday 5 July 2013, the GLOBE delegation met with Vice Chairmen Zhang Yunchuan and Wang Qingxi of the Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee in the NPC. The Vice Chairmen relayed the NPC's enthusiasm for participating in GLOBE's work programme on climate change and natural capital accounting, and expressed their willingness to participate in the launch of the 4th GLOBE Climate Legislation Study in January 2014 and the 2nd World Summit of Legislators in Mexico in June 2014.