GLOBE International and China


History of the engagement

GLOBE-Wang-Markey-Copenhagen-2009GLOBE International has engaged with China since 2005, when it began a dialogue on climate change for legislators from the major economies. The engagement, initially through the Chinese legislature – the National Peoples Congress – has been built on the foundation of mutual trust and respect. China has played an active and positive role in GLOBE, exemplified by Chairman Wang Guangtao's drafting of GLOBE's "Legislative Principles on Climate Change" in partnership with US Congressman Ed Markey.


Partnership with NDRC


GLOBE Delegation led by Lord Deben presents NDRC Vice Chair Xie Zhenhua with the Chinese translation of the GLOBE Legislation Study

Recognising the unique role of legislators in China, and their close collaboration with the executive, GLOBE has broadened its relationship to include the key policymakers in the powerful economic planning ministry, the NDRC (responsible for developing China's Five Year Plans). The relationship, initially at the political level with Minister Xie Zhenhua, has deepened and broadened to include working level contacts throughout NDRC's Climate Change Department, the NDRC-affiliated think-tank, the National Center for Climate Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC) and Chinese universities.
The relationship with NDRC has been underpinned by joint projects on climate change legislation, emissions trading and the potential for closer China-EU practical cooperation on climate and energy.




The China chapter of GLOBE was formed in 2010 with the then Chair of the Committee on Environment Protection and Resources Conservation (EPRC), Wang Guangtao as President of GLOBE China and all the members of his committee as members of GLOBE China. Following Wang Guangtao's retirement at the leadership transition in early 2013, GLOBE is in the process of re-forming the GLOBE China chapter under the new Chair of the EPRC Committee.

The re-formation of the GLOBE China chapter was object of the visit to the NPC by a GLOBE Delegation led by GLOBE Vice President Cedric T. Frolick, Chairperson of the South African National Assembly (photo) in July 2013.