GLOBE Europe 2014 Strategy Meeting on Agenda2030 ahead of COP20

GLOBE Europe 2014 Strategy Meeting on Agenda2030 ahead of COP20

On 21 November 2014, GLOBE legislators from seven European parliaments will convene for a summit on European climate and energy policy in the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

The 1-day meeting comes at a crucial time in the international climate calendar: two weeks before COP20 in Lima and days after the recent G20 meeting and the US-China announcement on clean energy and climate cooperation. GLOBE legislators will review the EU policy framework and state of national legislation in the context of recent international developments, the EU's climate and energy targets for 2030, and the devastating floods, which struck Italy and France in 2014.


The meeting seeks to reinforce the work and momentum of progressive European leadership to maintain ambition and cooperation in the lead up to Paris, through national parliamentarians.
GLOBE Legislators from Europe will discuss a common strategy to be promoted by GLOBE Europe, the regional coordination of GLOBE chapters in the national parliaments of European countries, over the course of 2015.


The European Council meeting of 23-24 October agreed a reduction of green house gases (GHGs) of 'at least' 40% by 2030 and a further target of a least 27% Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and Energy Efficiency (EE) by 2030. Importantly, it has set an ambitious Union-wide target of 15% interconnection capacity for energy security and market integration to encourage cross-border power grids. Legislators will have the chance to assess the package and debate its national and regional implications in the context of relevant international developments. The dialogue will be supplemented with views from the business community, civil society, academia and international organisations.


The Deputy Speaker of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Hon. Roberto Giachetti MP will open the meeting which will see representatives from the Italian government (Business Minister of State Prof. Claudio de Vincenti & Junior Environment Minister Silvia Velo MP), and parliamentary committee leaders on industry and environmental matters, address legislators from 7 legislative assemblies, including a cross-party delegation of members of the European Parliament, which - uniquely in the GLOBE process – will have a chance to interact at peer-level with national legislators.

The European Commission, represented by Marie Donnelly, Director for Renewables, Research, Innovation and Energy Efficiency, will present the 2030 package and hear responses from parliamentarians.

A specific session on renewables will see interventions from IRENA, the International Renewable Energy Agency, represented by Prof. Ronald Roesch from the Markets and Technology divison.


Delegates include Ermete Realacci MP, President of the Enviroment Committee of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Senator Francesco Maria Marinello, President of the Environment Committee in the Italian Senate, Petra Bayr MP, Member of the Austrian Parliament, Simona Bonafè MEP, Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy MEP, Arnaud Leroy MP, Member of the French National Assembly, Graham Stuart MP, Member of the UK House of Commons, Ian Duncan MEP, Lord Whitty, Member of the UK House of Lords, Matthew Offord MP, Member of the UK House of Commons, Michael Mc Carthy TD, Chairman of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht, Barry Cowen TD from the Irish National Parliament and members of GLOBE Italy.


The recent floods and heavy rains across the South of France and the North West of Italy provide compelling examples of the failure to manage climate risk adequately.

Host GLOBE chapter president, Hon. Mariastella Bianchi MP from the Bicameral All Party Group GLOBE Italy and GLOBE Vice President for Policy, French National Assembly Member and Climate Change Majority Spokesperson Hon. Arnaud Leroy, will also deliver a joint address on climate risk in Europe. The Italian and French parliamentarians will call on European Governments and on the European Commission to develop a EU Climate Risk Governance Strategy, to provide policy-makers with a coherent strategy to manage climate risk and protect citizens from vulnerable regions.

Welcoming the gathering of parliamentarians from Europe, GLOBE International Chairman, Hon. Graham Stuart MP, said:

The GLOBE Europe initiative of convening legislators immediately after a crucial meeting of the European Council on climate and energy comes at a key time in the international climate calendar – two weeks before COP20 in Lima and days after the G20 meeting and US-China announcement.'

Crucially, this meeting enables legislators to scrutinise government commitments at European level and to campaign for more ambitious and more effective legislation.

GLOBE aims at empowering parliamentarians and we are thankful for the support provided by the Italian Senate and Chamber of Deputies on this important occasion.

Hon. Arnaud Leroy, GLOBE Vice President for Policy and majority climate spokesperson in the French National Assembly, said:

European legislators are taking climate risk and energy matters in their hands, supplementing the democratic and political deficit of international processes.

The Rome meeting will enable us to reassure our parliaments and peoples that ambitious practical action on managing our environment and strengthening our economies is within reach and governments have no excuse to dither.

The GLOBE Europe Board and Acting GLOBE Europe President Hon. Petra Bayr wish to thank GLOBE Italy, the Senate of the Republic and Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, Alstom and Consorzio Italiano Biogas for making the event possible.

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