GLOBE Slovenia

GLOBE-Slovenia-Alenka-Jeraj-MPGLOBE Slovenia, one of the oldest GLOBE national chapters in Europe dating back to 1996, was formally re-constituted on 18th October 2012.

The new President of GLOBE Slovenia is Hon. Alenka Jeraj MP, Chair of the Committee on Employment, Social Affairs and Disability and Vice-President of Slovenian Democratic Party, which is chaired by Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša.

In the current legislature Hon. Jeraj will combine her responsibilities as GLOBE Slovenia President with seeing the successful passing of two major pieces of legislation: the reform of the Slovenian pension system and of the labour market.

The Vice-Presidents will be Hon. Alenka Pavlič MP from Positive Slovenia (opposition party) and Prof. Janvit Golob from the Slovenian National Council. The Members will be Deputy Speaker of Slovenian Parliament Hon. Jakob Presečnik MP, who has been a Member of GLOBE since 1996, Hon. Janja Napast MP, Hon.Sonja Ramšak MP, Hon. Jožef Horvat MP, Hon. mag. Jana Jenko MP, Hon. Marjana Kotnik Poroprat MP, Hon. mag. Lejla Hercegovac MP, Hon. mag. Katarina Hočevar MP, and mag. Dejan Židan MP. The Vice-Secretary of the Slovenian National Assembly appointed Dr. Branka Berce-Bratko as Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of the GLOBE Slovenia. Dr. Berce-Bratko is the Secretary of the EU Affairs Committee and of the the Slovenian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly for the Union for Mediterranean-PAUfM.