Legislators' Protocol

The Legislators Protocol was negotiated by all delegations and was based on the three core Summit objectives. The legislators were invited to make a commitment to seek support for, or formal ratification of, the Protocol as appropriate to the procedures of their respective national legislature. Legislators were asked to reconvene every two years to monitor the progress in implementing the Rio+20 outcomes as well as to share best legislative practice.

Please click here to download the Legislatos' Protocol approved by the 1st World Summit of Legislators.

The GLOBE Rio+20 Legislators' Protocol

Rio de Janeiro, 17 June 2012 

In pursuit of the objectives of the 1992 Rio “Earth Summit”, the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa, and bearing in mind the objectives of the Rio+20 Summit as defined by the United Nations, namely:

  • The renewal of the political commitment of countries to sustainable development
  • The assessment of progress in this area, and
  • The identification of bottlenecks and challenges in the implementation of the actions set out in previous conferences,

Reinforcing our commitment to the principles contained in the 1992 Rio declaration on the environment and development, including common but differentiated responsibility,

Recognising the continuing need for capacity building, technological and financial assistance to developing countries,

Acknowledging that, although some progress has been made since 1992, delivery of said objectives has so far been mixed,

Regretting the lack of proper recognition for the distinctive role of legislators in the pursuit and implementation of sustainable development in each of these conferences,

Highlighting that implementation of the original Rio objectives has been hampered by the absence of three key elements:

  • Effective transposition of the Rio objectives into national legislation,
  • An effective accountability structure to monitor governments’ implementation of the Rio agenda
  • Full and effective engagement of finance and economic ministries, providing a basis for long-term sustainable development,

Recognising the role of legislators in:

  • Developing, passing and overseeing the implementation of national legislation,
  • Scrutinising the performance, and raising the level of ambition, of governments,
  • Approving budgets and national accounts,
  • Advancing the natural capital approach within their respective countries,
  • Fostering debate and promoting education on sustainable development with social justice and respecting cultural diversity as outlined in the UN Convention on the Protection of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, and
  • Promoting parliamentary diplomacy on sustainable development issues,

Recognising the good practice that exists in our countries, including at the sub-national and city levels, and the value and importance of highlighting and spreading that good practice,

Legislators from 85 countries convened at the first “World Summit of Legislators” in Rio de Janeiro from 15-17 June 2012,

Commit to

  • Renew the political commitment of countries to sustainable development, taking into consideration the three main dimensions: economic growth, environmental protection and social justice
  • The principle of non-regression in environmental law
  • Strengthen governance for sustainable development at the international, regional and local levels
  • Strengthen the legislative response in our respective parliaments to deliver the Rio objectives
  • Increase our engagement on public policy on sustainable development and an inclusive green economy respecting national sovereignty
  • Promote the mainstreaming of disaster risk reduction into policy making
  • Push for and support poverty eradication public policies
  • In the context of sustainable development to consider and, as nationally appropriate,
    • Push for the inclusion of natural capital in our respective countries’ national accounts
    • Advance legislation that integrates the Natural Capital approach into policy analysis and decision-making
  • Develop a national legislators’ plan more effectively to scrutinise our governments on their Rio commitments and how they engage with the international processes and UN agencies on sustainable development, including initiating debates in our legislatures, at least annually, to assess progress towards delivering the Rio objectives; and to
  • Convene every two years in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the World Summit of Legislators to:
    • Highlight and share best legislative practice,
    • Report on national progress under each of the objectives of the World Summit of Legislators: advancing legislation and strengthening scrutiny, and
    • Debate new international strategies for sustainable development, whilst

Urging governments to ratify the Nagoya Protocol, and

Calling on governments to support the initiation of the World Summit of Legislators process, to recognise this process in the formal outcome document from Rio+20 and to support legislators in the their efforts to advance legislation and strengthen scrutiny of governments’ delivery of the Rio commitments.