2009 GLOBE Copenhagen Legislators Forum


In October 2009 the GLOBE Copenhagen Legislators' Forum convened more than 100 cross-party legislators from the major economies in advance of the Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Forum endorsed the "Legislative Principles on Climate Change" set out in the report of GLOBEʼs International Commission on Climate & Energy Security, chaired by US Congressman Ed Markey. The Forum also discussed the broader findings of the report and reaffirmed the central role of legislators in creating the political will necessary to secure a global deal.

Report of the International Commission on Climate & Energy Security

Co-authored by US Congressman Ed Markey and Chinese Congressman Wang Guangtao, the Commission's report outlined 5 policy levers that could contribute significantly to emissions reductions and, at the same time, increase resource efficiency and lower costs:
  • building and appliance standards
  • renewable energy
  • industrial energy efficienc
  • vehicle fuel and efficiency standards, and
  • sustainable forest management.
The report highlighted that demonstrating that such policies are possible, and cost-effective, would help to give leaders the confidence to take on more ambitious national positions in the international negotiations. The report included a set of legislative principles to promote in national legislatures. The rationale behind the shared principles was to magnify the benefits of moving to a low carbon economy and to minimize any competitive distortions.

The full report and the legislative principles can be found here and here.