2008 GLOBE Tokyo Legislators Forum


The GLOBE Tokyo Legislators Forum, convened on the 28-29th June 2008, was the culmination of GLOBE's 3-year climate change dialogue, initiated to create a process for legislators to shadow the Gleneagles Dialogue process. The Forum was addressed by Japanese PM Yasuo Fukuda, former PM Shinzo Abe and former UK PM Tony Blair, with video addresses from US Presidential candidates Senators John McCain and Barack Obama. G8 and +5 delegates reached consensus on GLOBE's Post-2012 framework paper, with further agreement on a number of policy papers and other areas of international cooperation.


On the first day delegates discussed the report of the GLOBE Biofuels Commission, issues of international security raised by climate change, and the need for an effective policy approach to funding adaptation in least developed countries.

The second day opened with the presentation of a number of GLOBE working group papers, on the subjects of Market Mechanisms, Technology, and Efficiency. This was followed by a session on the strategy of the "3 Rs" – reducing, reusing, and recycling – and a final session on "Land Use Change and Ecosystems".


The chief outcome of the Forum was the consensus reached on GLOBE's Post-2012 framework paper, the objective of which was to demonstrate that there was support among the legislative bodies of the G8 and +5 countries for an ambitious post-2012 framework. Delegates also agreed to endorse policy papers on Biofuels, Adaptation, Energy Efficiency, Illegal Logging, Market Mechanisms and Technology; GLOBE delegations commit to promote policy papers in their national parliamentary committee work. In addition to these policy papers, legislators agreed to push their governments for contributions to the Strategic Climate Fund, following a finance session with Managing Director of the World Bank, ADB and JBIC.