2010 GLOBE Mexico DF Legislators Forum


The GLOBE Mexico Forum was held in the Senate of Mexico from the 3rd – 5th December 2010. The Forum jointly hosted with GLOBE Mexico providing a political platform at the midway point of the UNFCCC COP16 and ahead of the arrival of the Ministers to agree a political message to the COP on recognition of national legislation within a future climate agreement. The Forum was attended by a number of international senior legislators, including Congressman Wang Guangtao, Chairman of the National People's Congress of China Committee on Environment Protection and Resources Conservation, and Max Sisulu, Speaker of the South African National Assembly.


The first day of the Forum saw the presentation of the GLOBE Climate Legislation Study followed by a dialogue with National GLOBE Chapters on Advancement of National Climate Legislation. Delegates listened to and discussed a presentation concerning the climate legislation advanced by GLOBE Mexico Members. The first day was closed with a session on how to recognise national legislation within the UNFCCC Framework Convention.

The second day opened with a high level session to launch the GLOBE Rainforest Legislators Initiative (now the GLOBE Forest Legislation Initiative). The latter half of the day was dedicated to issues of international financing of initiatives, both the broader category of climate change initiatives and the more specific issue of REDD+ initiatives.Steen Gade MP (Denmark), Congressman Wang Guangtao (China), and Senator Ed Markey (USA).


The Forum built upon the outcomes of the China Legislators Forum, including:

  • presenting the second phase of GLOBE's study on climate change legislation
  • launching the GLOBE Rainforest Legislators Initiative
  • showcasing the Mexican legislative efforts on climate change, at a national and regional level
  • The Forum Agreed the following Post 2012 Architecture Proposal that was presented to Ministers in Cancun. The Proposal can be downloaded here: Post-2012 GLOBE Discussion Paper for Mexico – final