2007 GLOBE Berlin Legislators Forum


The GLOBE Berlin Legislator's Forum, convened on 3-4th June 2007, brought together nearly a hundred legislators representing a broad cross-section of political parties from G-8 countries and major emerging economies such as Mexico, Brazil, China, India and South Africa. In an agreed statement, delegates called upon G-8 leaders, meeting on 6-8th June June in Heligendamm, Germany, to take advantage of the "historic opportunity to achieve a breakthrough on climate change". Legislators supported the fundamental principle presented in the Forum by several business leaders concerning the need to ensure that the costs of emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are included in consumer prices. The event was addressed by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, UK Prime Minister Tony Blair, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, US Senators from both Democratic and Republican Parties, as well as representatives from the business community.


The first day opened with a statement from Chancellor Angela Merkel, representing Germany's presidency of the G8. This was followed by a session on the Gleneagles Dialogue with a roundtable on Global Carbon Markets chaired by members of the US Senate and participation from Chancellor Merkel, Tony Blair and Shinzo Abe (by video), as well as representatives from the business community.

The second day opened with a session on how a Carbon Market could be used to deliver sustainability technologies. This session included discussions on carbon capture and storage (CCS), energy efficiency and renewables. This session was followed by the presentation of the GLOBE Future Framework Policy Paper by Lord Michael Jay and discussions concerning a Future Framework Agreement. The final session comprised a joint session of the G8 Illegal Logging Dialogue & G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue and included keynote addresses from the Brazilian President Mr Luiz Inacio Lula and the World Bank President Mr. Paul Wolfowitz.


The Forum concluded that "a significant step forward could be achieved at the G-8 Summit if leaders show courage, commitment and long term thinking". Legislators expressed - in their outcome statement - strong support to the leadership of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the 5 elements proposed as the way forward:
  • Long term stabilization goal
  • Promotion of a global carbon market
  • Increased support for technology research, development, deployment and transfer
  • Increased support for adaptation, particularly in developing countries
  • Measures to reduce deforestation
The Forum also reached agreements on the following policy areas:
  • Carbon Markets
  • Technology: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), Energy Efficiency, and Renewables
  • Adaptation
  • Forestry
  • A Post-2012 framework