2009 GLOBE Rome Legislators Forum


The GLOBE Rome Legislator's Forum, held on 12-13th June 2009, was the sixth G8+5 Legislators Forum. The event was convened by GLOBE just ahead of the Italian G8 Summit and the Major Emitters Forum and 6 months in advance of the meeting of negotiators at Copenhagen to agree a new framework to tackle climate change after 2012. The event was focussed on the economics of energy, climate change and ecosystems and was addressed by the Italian Prime Minister, the Danish Prime Minister and the President of Brazil.
With a view to negotiations in Copenhagen later that year, the Forum sought to highlight the importance of shared financing, an issue at the heart of international climate negotiations. Delegates agreed that even if industrialised countries reduced their emissions to zero, major emerging economies would still need to make reductions to stabilise the climate, and that industrialised countries would need to be prepared to help pay the incremental costs of low carbon technology in developing countries and to help the poorest countries adapt to the impacts of climate change. Delegates agreed that declaring positions on commitments and financing in advance would build trust and enable the major developing countries to develop ambitious responses and secure domestic political support ahead of COP15.


On the first day of the Forum, delegates discussed the latest scientific evidence regarding climate change during a presentation on the outcomes of the Copenhagen Science Conference. This was followed by a session co-hosted by the Club of Rome, where delegates discussed concerted strategies to meet the environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century

The second day opened with a hearing session of the International Commission on Land Use Change & Ecosystems Each Commission on the issue of valuing natural capital. This session was intended to provide a demonstration of how such evidence hearings could be organised in a national context in response to a set of key questions from the Commission. This was followed by a report and facilitated discussion panels on carbon capture and storage (CCS) and the need for financing of any climate deal reached in Copenhagen.


The Forum resulted in a declaration agreed by delegates ahead of the G8 Summit and Major Economies Forum, urging leaders to acknowledge the real economic value of natural capital, to ensure stimulus spending is consistent with climate, development and ecosystem goals, and to recognise the interdependence of industrialised and emerging countries in terms of financing an effective post-2012 climate change framework and reducing global carbon emissions. The declaration is available here.