GLOBE Legislation App

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GLOBE International released an innovative "GLOBE Legislation App" for smartphones and tablets. The App is designed to provide parliamentarians, negotiators, students and everyone interested in reviewing national climate laws and regulations with a portable and easy-to-use tool.

The App aims at promoting the work of legislators who are committed to find solutions to climate change and develop policy on natural capital and forests. The growing body of studies published annually by GLOBE's three policy programmes made necessary to have an enviromentally friendly tool to distribute the publications.

The App is available worldwide on iOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, etc.) devices. On 27th February 2014, GLOBE released the first edition of the GLOBE Legislation App on the Apple App Store. On 10 March 2014, the App was released on the Google Play Store.

The App reduces the cost of distribution of the GLOBE Climate Legislation Study, of which the 4th edition is approximately 700 pages, to virtually zero. The GLOBE Natural Capital Study and the GLOBE Forest Legislation Study will also be loaded up onto the App by June 2014.

The App is currently availabe in English only. The GLOBE International Secretariat plans to translate the App in other languages in the near future. The App is currently not available on Windows-based mobile devices and on Blackberry.

From June 2014, legislators and parliamentary aides or climate negotiators will be able to access scientific content and data on the App, as well as legislative references. The App, as well as all of GLOBE's publications, is free to download and use.

The GLOBE International Secretariat welcomes legislators and the wider public's feedback on the GLOBE Legislation App, please email us with you any comments you may have to allow us to grow this project and improve this important tool even further.

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