Yves Mathieu

Director of Missions Publiques, co-ordinator of WWViews on Climate and Energy

Yves Mathieu has worked since 1984 to modernize policies and public services. He has 15 years of experience in consulting and facilitation of participatory approaches in the French public authorities and 28 years of experience in consulting for the modernization of public policies and public services at the local, national and European. He designs the quality and effectiveness of public action as closely related to a better integration of expectations and the action. Yves conducted several comparative analyzes of public actions at international level. He coordinated several European teams on behalf of the European Commission.

Yves Mathieu has a dual expertise in delegation of public services focused on quality of service for the people first, and animation participatory processes related to public policy on the other. Yves accompanied several political executives in the formulation and evaluation of policy, especially in the areas of education, climate, travel, social housing, employment, economic development, the aging of the population, Public Policy participatory democracy.

With the team of Missions Publique, Yves Mathieu develops citizen participation in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies. Participatory processes are intended to improve the effectiveness of public policies because it allows a change in the position of the actors involved (technicians, citizens, elected officials, experts). The support provided to governments and public enterprises also addresses this change of position players and culture that follows, with systemic analysis tools and understanding of the changes.

He created Missions Publique in 1998, after 15 years of practice in Belgium (Belgian Governments and the European Commission) with the desire to accompany the French authorities the most advanced innovation of political modes of action and elected deciding take a ‘democratic’ risk by engaging in citizen participation.

Within the Institute of Concertación, he participated in the team that proposed a study day on the participation at the national level (May 2012), and is preparing a work on “Media and Participation” (2012 and 2013). Together with Bjorn Bedsted of the Danish Board of Technology and Global Coordinator of World Wide Views, Yves coordinated the 2015 WWViews on Climate and Energy debates involving 10,000 citizens in 76 countries.

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