The Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE)


The Global Legislators Organisation for a Balanced Environment (G.L.O.B.E.) International AISBL, commonly known as "GLOBE International" or simply 'GLOBE', is the world’s largest parliamentary network devoted to legislative leadership on sustainable development and climate change.

Founded in 1989, GLOBE International brings together prominent serving politicians and lawmakers, across party lines, to exert their authority and powers of law-making, legislative and budgetary oversight to advance practical action on sustainable development. GLOBE legislators are united by their belief that, working together, they can also make more of a difference to unblocking political logjams at the multilateral level.

As ais a non-party political organisation, GLOBE International supports legislators through national chapters to develop, advance and oversee the implementation of policies and laws in pursuit of sustainable development with an emphasis on climate change, environmental economic accounting and governance, and forests.

GLOBE was established by a group of legislators from G8 countries in 1989 as an international non-profit association (AISBL) under Belgian law to recognise and strengthen the central role of legislators and parliaments in tackling the world's major environmental challenges, as well as to emphasise the role of legislators in holding governments to account for the implementation of international commitments.

GLOBE's mission is to create a critical mass of legislators that can agree and advance common legislative responses to the major global sustainable development challenges.

To achieve this mission GLOBE promoted the establishment of a Climate Legislation Initiative. This was agreed at the first World Summit of Legislators held in Brazil in June 2012. At the conclusion of the Summit 300 legislators from 86 countries committed to work to advance national legislation and to share best legislative practice on key issues of sustainable development. As a direct result of that commitment the GLOBE Climate Legislation Initiative has been established for a core group of countries (this number will grow to include 66 countries by 2015) dedicated to supporting legislators on climate change.

The GLOBE Climate Legislation Initiative was launched during a summit held at the UK Foregn Office in London in January 2013 and saw the participation of Christiana Figueres of UNFCCC.

Alongside the Climate Policy Programme GLOBE operates a series of other international initiatives and dialogues. These are: the GLOBE Legislators Forests Initiative, the GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative, the EU-China Dialogue and initiatives on fisheries and the conservation of marine environment.

GLOBE International, alongside national GLOBE chapters, has hosted a series of legislators' fora and conferences in the world's major developed and developing countries.

GLOBE is partner to UN programmes, national and supranational governments and legislative bodies.

  • History

    GLOBE International was originally founded in 1989 by legislators from the US Congress, European Parliament, Japanese Diet and the Russian State Duma with the mission to respond to urgent environmental challenges through the development and advancement of legislation.

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  • International Secretariat

    The International Secretariat provides coordination, membership and communications services to the GLOBE network. Read More
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