GLOBE UK works with members from all parties to promote policy, legislation and understanding on the green economy and sustainable development with specific reference to climate change and energy, natural capital accounting, forests and the marine environment. The All Party Parliamentary Group for GLOBE UK is chaired Graham Stuart MP.

GLOBE UK work with members of the House of Commons and House of Lords to:

• Strengthen the role of UK legislators in policy and legislative development in the areas outlined above;
• Provide specific briefings and support to legislators to develop and advance environmental policy and legislation;
• Examine the role of environmental policy and legislation as a driver of long-term sustainable economic growth;
• Develop cross party support for policies that support the transition to a green economy;
• Examine the business and economic benefits of environmental policy and legislation; and
• Improve communication between legislators, scientists and economists on environmental issues.

GLOBE UK's current priorities are: natural capital accounting, climate change and energy, the green economy and global sustainable development. You can find out more about GLOBE UK's work in these areas here.

GLOBE UK also provides the Secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Biodiversity