Letter from William Hague (UK)

fco-logoContent of the letter from the UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, the Rt. Hon. William Hague, to GLOBE legislators attending the 2nd GLOBE Climate Legislation Summit:

"Dear Delegate, welcome to the GLOBE Climate Legislation Initiative Summit. I was pleased to welcome delegates from across the world to the 2013 GLOBE Summit in London and I am delighted that one year on, even more legislators from an even wider range of countries are taking part in Washington. It is a testament to the efforts of the GLOBE International Secretariat and of committed legislators.

The work that you will be continuing over the next two days forms a key part of the international effort to combat dangerous climate change across the world. This effort must remain a priority for all of our countries in our foreign policy and our national legislatures. As we know from our own experience in the UK, it is vital to work across the political spectrum to build consensus so that action can be effective and sustained.

Over the last year we have seen extreme weather events, from floods to storms to heat waves, on almost every continent. The increasing frequency and intensity of these events is a sharp reminder of the risks of climate change.

A global and legally binding deal on emissions reductions in the UNFCCC in 2015 is imperative. As we work towards that agreement, it is clear that domestic legislation has a key role to play in building consensus and cementing ambition, which is why GLOBE's work is so important.

The launch of GLOBE's Partnership for Climate Legislation, with the backing of the UN and World Bank, is an important step towards sustaining this work for the long term, which the UK wholeheartedly supports. I would ask you to encourage your governments to support this initiative.

We are entering a crucial period for climate change action, and it will be vital this year to keep building global political momentum so that we stay on track for a global deal in 2015. I wish you every success for the busy two days ahead".