The Partnership for Climate Legislation


National legislation is essential to create the political conditions for success in the international negotiations on climate change. There is a growing understanding that commitments made in national legislation are a pre-requisite to an effective climate change agreement and, increasingly, it is clear that the architecture of a post-2020 climate agreement, to be agreed in Paris 2015, will need to take account of national legislation. It is therefore critical that legislators and parliaments are systematically engaged ahead of COP21/CMP11 (Paris, 2015) to ensure that they develop national legislation with a view to driving forward the international negotiations.

The ‘Partnership For Climate Legislation’ has been developed by the Global Legislators Organisation (GLOBE International), in direct consultation with parliamentarians from every continent, specifically to deliver this engagement. The Partnership will provide legislators with the necessary support mechanisms to share best legislative practice at the regional and international level and will seek to provide legislators with additional capacity, on a demand-led basis.

The Partnership For Climate Legislation will support national legislators and parliaments in 66 countries to develop new legislation or identify amendments to existing laws as well as oversee the implementation of legislation on climate change, natural capital accounting and forests/REDD+. The Partnership will directly respond to the demands from legislators for technical, policy and analytical capacity. The Partnership has the following aims:

  • To share best legislative practice through the annual GLOBE Climate Legislation Study, national case studies and the convening of GLOBE Climate Legislation Summits.
  • To provide a dedicated international process that supports legislators – on a demand-led basis - to develop and implement climate change legislation.
  • To explore how commitments made in national legislation can be recognised within the architecture of an international climate change agreement.
  • To develop a Climate Legislation Resolution to be agreed at the World Summit of Legislators and to be taken by legislators to their respective national parliaments.
  • To support legislators to obtain, use and exchange relevant climate data.

The Partnership will be supported by an International Partnership Fund hosted by United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), open to contributions by governments, philanthropic and international organisations.