Countries in attendance


J Building Auditorium - The World Bank - Washington DC - 28 February 2014

The 2nd GLOBE Climate Legislation Summit hosted delegations from the parliaments of the following countries:

Bangladesh  Bangladesh

Bolivia  Bolivia

Brazil  Brazil

Colombia  Colombia

CostaRica  Costa Rica


Ecuador  Ecuador

ElSalvador  El Salvador

Ethiopia  Ethiopia

EuropeanParliament  European Parliament

France  France

Germany  Germany

Ghana  Ghana

Guatemala  Guatemala

India  India

Israel  Israel

Italy  Italy

Japan  Japan

Maldives  Maldives

Mexico  Mexico

Micronesia  Micronesia

Mongolia  Mongolia

Morocco  Morocco

NewZealand  New Zealand

Nigeria  Nigeria

Pakistan  Pakistan

Peru  Peru

Philippines  Philippines

Rwanda  Rwanda

SouthAfrica  South Africa

Thailand  Thailand

UK  United Kingdom

USA  United States of America


The following organisations were also represented at the Summit:

UnitedNations  UN Office of the Secretary General

UnitedNations  UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

UnitedNations  UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat

WorldBank  World Bank Group Presidency

WorldBank  World Bank Latin American & Caribbean Division